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REMS cloud migration means greater security, cost savings and agility for FE colleges

25th October 2022

The market leading student information management system REMS has moved to the Cloud, offering greater security, cost savings and more flexibility for FE colleges across the UK.

REMS (Resource Education Management System), provided by public sector software leader Civica, is an integrated Cloud MIS, designed to manage and support students in colleges and adult education. Used by more than 55 colleges across the UK, REMS keeps all student and course data centralised and accessible online in real-time, helping to keep track of every student and every course.

Faced with the ever-increasing risk of cyber-attacks on their on-site infrastructure and the resultant chaos for staff and students, Cloud migration offers REMS customers greater peace of mind that their data is secure.

With soaring energy costs and an uncertain economic outlook, Cloud migration will also deliver much needed savings for colleges, by eliminating the need for expensive servers on site and the maintenance and security costs that come with them. A typical FE college normally renews their on-premises system every three to five years, but the flexible Cloud solution can grow with each institution, saving customers time and money.

The Cloud-based nature of REMS will also help colleges to deliver better and more connected flexible working arrangements, which are now far more commonplace in the wake of the pandemic.

Marcus Blackburn,

Director of Further Education and Libraries

Security, soaring costs and the need for greater agility are big challenges for the UK’s further education sector.
By moving our market-leading REMS solution to the Cloud, we are providing FE leaders with the peace of mind that their data is secure, helping them manage their costs over time and bringing about a smoother and more engaged educational journey for both students and staff.

Notes to editor:

About REMS: REMS is part of Civica’s suite of cloud software for FE establishments, including finance software, HR, payroll, learner portals, estate management, payments and recruitment tools, that allow customers to manage the complete lifecycle of students in FE. Civica REMS has more than 55 customers across the UK.

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About Civica: Civica is the UK’s largest software company focused on the public sector. With over 30 years of proven expertise, we hold an undisputed leadership position in our markets around the world.