The barriers for a national data strategy are falling: it's time to move forward

For nearly three years, data managers across government have been waiting for the long-promised National Data Strategy.

In the summer of 2018, after many months of delay, the conditions were emerging for it to make progress. However, with the changing priorities (Brexit and the General Election) and various structural changes across the civil services, the picture looked quite different as we entered 2020.

Mark Humphries, Managing Consultant at Civica, points out that the barriers to progress are now clearing – and maps out a way forward. The article covers:

  • The pull factors – what’s driving the need for this strategy?
  • The push factors - what might be preventing the National Data strategy from moving ahead?
  • The key elements of data strategy
  • The key principles in developing a strategy
  • Why now is the perfect time to move forward and implement a strategy to avoid future roadblocks

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