Civica NorthStar

Working with customers and partners, we harness innovation across three core innovation areas:


Often data is referred to as the ‘new oil’. As for oil, the key is extracting value from the raw material: in this case, deliver insight. Civica North Star delivers actionable insight to public service organisations by accelerating innovation around data and analytics.

Devices and new technologies

Devices such as mobiles and drones, and technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence are changing the way we live and work. Civica North Star experiments with these to unlock new ways of improving public services.

Effectiveness and operational efficiencies

Many public service organisations are continually asked to do more with less. Civica North Star discovers new ways to automate tasks and processes that can increase productivity and free up vital resources.

Machine learning reloaded

In volume 3, we reload machine learning to help crack the matrix and deliver more value for public services
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Machine learning reloaded