Markets review

2019 Annual Review

Markets review

We’re the leading software-based partner for our markets. Our products and services are used by more than 3,000 organisations to deliver improved outcomes across national, regional and local government, health and care, housing, education and public safety.

Local and regional government

We‘re helping authorities around the world to drive innovation and transform customer and community engagement for better outcomes via our specialist software and digital solutions.

Supporting 900 local authorities
local authorities

UK and Ireland

During the year, record orders included more than 90 contracts for core business, financial and workforce systems including revenues and benefits, payments, financial and case management software. New agreements included the London Borough of Enfield, Sunderland City Council, North Lanarkshire Council and Brighton and Hove City Council, together worth more than £5 million.

As in other sectors, we progressed the transition to our cloud software supported by new applications. Recent acquisitions have consolidated our leading position in the sector, with a stronger capability to help customers gain greater value through cloud software and innovation. Examples included new applications using the iCasework case management platform, winning more than 20 new customers.

In November 2018, we added a significant new capability with the acquisition of ERS Group, the UK’s leading provider of software and services for election management, membership engagement, democracy services and governance.

We also invested in our innovation programme to explore smart technologies, such as an award-winning pilot project with Belfast City Council based on SensAI cloud software.

Australia and New Zealand

During the year, we advanced our cloud-based products and invested in capabilities to help councils improve customer engagement and streamline service. Our local government customer base in the region expanded to approximately 350 organisations, strengthening the Group’s position as the largest provider of local government solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

The business reinforced its position with new agreements including Hamilton City Council, City of Darwin and Snowy Monaro Regional Council.

We also extended mobile working options with the acquisition of Asset Edge, Australia’s leading provider of mobile applications for asset maintenance.


During 2019 the business secured new agreements for customers including, among others, the cities of Delaware, Fairfield and Wilmington and the Champaign County Auditor’s Office.

The integration of our Master Data Management (MDM) business added a number of prominent customers to the Group’s North American activities including the States of Alaska and Connecticut and Mecklenburg County.

Local and regional government customer stories

East Kent Services partnership

We're working with Thanet, Dover and Canterbury City councils in a strategic partnership.

Hamilton City Council

Civica provides a single, fully-integrated software platform for Hamilton City Council.

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Government and national security

Supporting 40 departments and agencies
departments and agencies

We work with departments and agencies as a trusted digital partner to envision, design, deliver and manage digital applications and services.

Government digital services

Working with more than 40 government departments, agencies and companies, we provide a range of secure applications, digital solutions and cloud services. Our modern national solutions are enabling UK organisations such as the Home Office, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and many agencies to advance the transformation of government services.

We are a leading partner in Northern Ireland across government as well as policing and public safety, health and care and housing. With a strong track record under the Strategic Partnership Programme, which has seen more than 30 services transformed, the Group continued to win new business. This included a £6 million agreement with the Department of Education for a new cloud administration system for its Teachers’ Pensions Scheme.

Specialist software

During the year the Group made progress with new software and service engagements for, among others, the Environment Agency and the Food Standards Agency.

The acquisition of iCasework in 2018 added a leading suite of case management and correspondence software available on public and private cloud platforms. It is used by more than 100 customers in the UK and Australia to handle millions of cases.

Government and national security customer stories

Access NI

Civica designed and built a new online disclosure system to help improve customer experience and reduce costs.

Department for Transport

Civica’s Collision Reporting and Sharing (CRaSH) cloud software provides a digital platform for police officers.

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Health and care

We work with health and care providers across the UK, Australia, Canada and the USA, providing software and services to streamline delivery of unified care and enhance financial and operational management.

Supporting 500 health and care providers
health and care providers

UK and Ireland

From care records in the cloud and electronic prescribing to automation of workforce and financial processes, we continued to grow the scope and scale of business activity during 2019.

The Cito digital health platform provides a cloud-based foundation to unify records and data into a real-time view of patient information. New business momentum included contracts with, among others, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, together worth approx £6 million.

Electronic prescribing and medicines administration is a national priority to safeguard patients and improve efficiency – we expect this to be a driver of growth. The implementation of our Prescribing software at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust and Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust was followed by take-up at Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Australia and New Zealand

Following the integration of Carelink into Civica Care, the Group launched a broader cloud software portfolio for the region to improve client and commercial outcomes.

The business continued to perform well, with new customers including Great Ocean Road Health, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT and Enable WA all choosing to implement cloud-based community care software. The latest CarelinkGo smartphone application for mobile care workers was also recognised with a mobile innovation award at the Australian Business Awards.


We work closely with a number of major health care customers for our powerful Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) software, which matches data across multiple systems to ensure an accurate and up-to-date view of patient records. During the year we announced our new partnership with clinical AI company HealthReveal, whose solution requires highly accurate patient data.

In Canada, we are helping authorities such as Fraser Health to improve community healthcare based on an integrated patient record system.

Health and care customer stories

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

The Trust, which serves a population of 500,000, has adopted our cloud-based digital platform, Cito.

Simply Helping

Simply Helping chose our cloud-based community care suite Carelink to streamline community services across Australia.

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Housing and community protection

Supporting 500 housing and public safety organisations
housing and public safety organisations

We’re the leading software partner for social housing, community protection and emergency services, helping to support vital services and safeguard people and places.

Social housing

We have established a market-leading capability in the social housing sector supporting vital services for 5 million tenants.

During the year the business delivered a strong performance led by continued good momentum for Cx, our market-leading digital housing platform.

We won eight new UK contracts for Cx Housing, plus new customers in Australia following the product’s launch in the region. We were also picked as preferred bidder for a multi-million pound programme with one of the UK's largest property companies.

Civica continued to deploy new systems to support digital housing services for, among others, Poole Housing Partnership, Monmouthshire Housing Association, Teign Housing and South Yorkshire Housing Association. We gained new sales for our cloud-based asset management and housing options software, including Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council, Melin Homes and Wheatley Group.

Community protection

The Group helps to safeguard people and places through regulatory, environmental and public safety solutions. Launched also on the Cx platform, our latest Regulatory Services software streamlines management and supports an agile workforce across licensing, trading standards, environmental health and community safety functions.

Customers committing to the new cloud platform included Devon County Council, supporting its Trading Standards service which operates on behalf of Devon, Somerset and Torbay. It also supports Peterborough City Council which operates a shared service for Cambridgeshire and Rutland County Councils.

Police and emergency services

In the UK and Ireland we provide software and digital solutions used by more than 100 police and emergency services. These range from specialist applications such as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to transformational programmes to enable digital policing.

Our Digital division combines provision of national systems with support for individual customers including Surrey and Sussex Police, Kent Police and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

In the USA we hold a leading position in the public safety and justice markets in Ohio. Strong partnerships with the State of Ohio, Department of Public Safety and the Ohio Supreme Court have positioned us as a trusted partner in these critical sectors.

Housing and community protection customer stories

Wheatley Group

Civica master data management software has helped the Wheatley Group to streamline and improve services

Belfast City Council

Civica’s SensAI cloud platform is a pattern recognition and prediction application using AI, machine learning and IOT.

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Education and libraries

Our work with schools and colleges around the world is improving teaching, learning and administration, while also helping library services to fulfil a vital educational, social and cultural role.

Supporting 7,000 schools, colleges and libraries
schools, colleges and libraries

UK and Ireland

Delivering our cloud-based management and business software for thousands of UK schools and colleges is providing improvements and efficiencies with an integrated view of students, finances and resources.

Following the launch in the sector of our cloud financials platform, we gained more than 20 new customers representing over 200 schools. Providing a comprehensive system for education teams, FinancialsLive was adopted by Batley Multi-Academy Trust, Bellevue Place Education Trust and Portsmouth College.

Our cashless solutions are used to provide services for over 1 million school and college students and staff on a daily basis. In addition to our existing cloud payments software, the solution has wide application from catering and vending to libraries, using smart card, biometric and proximity tagging technologies.

In the libraries sector our Spydus software provides the leading digital platform to manage the changing needs of a modern library service.

Australia and New Zealand

We’ve established a strong position in Australia supporting approximately 40% of the schools market and a leadership position in the libraries sector.

Our cloud Education Suite brings together essential information management and teaching tools to help schools drive improvement and efficiency. During the year the business continued to work closely with customers from individual schools through to large scale programmes such as for the Department for Education South Australia. For the latter the initial pilot phase was successfully completed ahead of its state-wide roll out to over 900 schools with 185,000 students.

Our customer-centric cloud software Spydus is at the forefront of library innovation, helping libraries embrace their role as modern day digital public spaces while improving services and efficiency. Take up of the latest software included, among others, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Queensland Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and Libraries ACT which provides services for two million visitors.


We’ve continued to build on a strong track record in Singapore with our libraries solutions comprising cloud software together with managed library programmes. During the year we extended our involvement with customers including the Attorney General Chambers, the Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute and the Singapore Tourism Board.

Education and libraries customer stories

Department for Education South Australia

Civica is working with the department to improve learning and care using our cloud-based education management system.

Batley Multi-Academy Trust

The Trust chose Civica’s latest FinancialsLive cloud software to gain a single view of finances

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Regulated markets

Supporting 275 organisations with specialist software
organisations with specialist software

We’re an established supplier to a wide range of organisations across the regulated sectors of pension administration, legal and financial services, transport and utilities.


Our Universal Pensions Management (UPM) software provides a single integrated system for pension administration and payroll.

As in other sectors, we extended cloud-based solutions. This included a significant new £6 million contract with the Northern Ireland Department of Education to provide a new system to administer teachers’ pensions and enhance services for 65,000 scheme members.

Building on a strong track record, we grew the use of UPM to support administration of the Local Government Pension Scheme together with new agreements including, among others, the Church of England Pensions Board and the University of Manchester.


The Group expanded our activity in the transport sector with the acquisition and integration of cloud software specialist TranSend Solutions.

The addition of modern electronic point of delivery (ePOD) and integrated route planning systems, places us in a stronger position to deliver efficiency and compliance benefits for transport and logistics operators, complementing our existing Tranman fleet management software.

Financial services

From data analytics and automation to the design and development of secure end-to-end digital solutions, we’re helping customers to transform user experience, operational efficiency and risk management. We’ve continued to build on our established position for customers, including the Bank of England.

New agreements included a five-year deal with Standard Life’s 1825 business, to support its growth ambitions by consolidating a number of disparate technology systems.

Legal and records

We supply legal software and digital solutions to over 180 customers in both public and private sectors. These solutions underpin improved productivity for legal teams and high quality services for clients.

The acquisition of iCasework added a leading capability in software-as-a-service applications for case management. During 2019 we developed new solutions for the legal sector on the iCasework platform, including for coroners, where we won 16 new software sales.

Regulated markets customer stories

Department of Education Northern Ireland

Civica is working with the Department of Education in Northern Ireland to help streamline the NI Teachers Pension Scheme.

Network Rail

Working with the company’s digital team, Civica delivered an enhanced 24/7 customer contact platform.

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