5th March 2018

Watford and Three Rivers Councils safeguard service delivery with a reliable and robust systems support service

Councils award two-year managed service deal to Civica to administer its revenues and benefits software

To help deliver their shared revenues and benefits service, the Councils use third-party software. Rather than their own IT staff supporting the system in-house, the Councils decided to purchase a remote Database Administration (DBA) service and associated IT services from the software supplier to ensure smooth running of the system. However, recurring IT issues meant that the Councils were experiencing too much downtime, too frequently which had a knock-on effect on service delivery.

In June 2016, the Councils realised that they needed to make changes in order to improve the efficiency of their service delivery. They decided to investigate alternative suppliers and what they could deliver in terms of managed services to support the system, and so approached Civica.

In August 2016, Watford and Three Rivers awarded a two-year contract to Civica to supply OnDemand IT System Support. The contract covers remote DBA services. Consultants with extensive technical experience provide full system administration support.


  • Reduction in system downtime as a result of proactive processes to minimise issues
  • Resource required to keep the system up and running is guaranteed
    • Greater flexibility and lower cost than recruiting in-house staff
    • Collaborative partnership ensures rapid problem-solving
    • Smooth installation of software upgrades
    • Frees up in-house IT staff to focus on strategic projects
    • Access to wider range of OnDemand services should support be required.
The OnDemand team are more than happy to share their extensive systems and IT knowledge with us. Being able to tap into Civica’s software and DBA experience has been invaluable, as those skills are very hard to come by.”
Jude Green, Head of Revenues and Benefits, Three Rivers District Council

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