Denbighshire County Council transitions to an all-digital future

23rd May 2018

Establishing firm foundations for ‘Digital Denbighshire’ with an electronic mailroom and digital records bureau.

Denbighshire County Council, located in scenic north-east Wales, has a compelling vision for an all-digital future in which information will be stored electronically, processes will run without paper, and its 95,000 residents will have online access to a full range of services.

A Civica customer since 2010, the council has rolled out key elements of the Civica Digital360 suite of applications in support of its strategy to move away from paper. As well as Civica Documents, an electronic document management and workflow system, it uses the Civica Electronic Mailroom solution to manage all other incoming white mail. In addition, it has created a digital records bureau to run the mailroom solution and provide backscanning services across the council.


  • Backscanning of up to 20,000 documents per month 50% drop in archive boxes being stored
  • £78,000 saved by negating extension of storage facilities
  • 200 post items scanned, indexed and distributed electronically daily
  • Increased efficiency and productivity through faster, easier information access and sharing
  • Simultaneous access to digitised documents for flexible workers and dispersed teams
  • Accurate management of document retention and disposals contributing to GDPR readiness
  • Ongoing reduction in reliance on paper, supporting the council’s vision for an all-digital future.


Civica’s Digital360 application suite is playing a key part in delivering our ‘Digital Denbighshire’ vision.
Kelly Waterfield, Digital Records Bureau Manager, Denbighshire County Council