Trust Capacity Fund: DfE funding opportunity to grow your trust

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We can help you centralise your IT, Finance and HR processes and systems to successfully prepare your trust for growth.

The DfE want to help trusts develop their capacity to grow and take on underperforming schools in higher need areas. For trusts to grow successfully, you first need the right tools to kick start your journey. That’s why the DfE are awarding specific trusts the opportunity to apply for TCaF, to enable you to get the resources you need to achieve your goals.

Four steps to making a successful TCaF application:

  1. Review your processes: know what software you need –
    For trusts to grow successfully, you first need the right tools to kick start your journey. You can use TCaF to establish new central systems and processes for IT, finance and HR, which is vital for MAT development. Reviewing your processes will help you develop a specification. 
  2. Go shopping: find solutions that are right for you –
    Now you have your specification, you can start approaching suppliers. You’ll need to include examples of software that can help you achieve growth. Arrange some demos and ask practical questions to see for yourself how they can help your growing trust.
  3. What’s your budget: collect quotes –
    You need to apply for a specific amount. When you see systems you like, ensure you get pricing to share in your application. 
  4. Make your application –
    Once you've gathered all your information, you’re ready to apply for TCaF. The application process will remain open until 30 September 2024 with 5 application windows throughout the period.

If you’re looking to streamline and centralise your assets and estate management, finance systems and HR, you’ve come to the right place. Our intuitive and integrated Education Suite can provide you with the systems you need to get started!

Streamline your asset and IT management and condition surveys

It’s not always easy to stay on top of your IT equipment within a trust. However, as schools and trusts procure more edtech, it increases the importance of efficiently managing and tracking those costly assets.

It’s also vital that your buildings, facilities and premises are safe for students and staff. Organising condition surveys and ensuring appropriate actions have been completed can be a challenge to manage.

You can use the DfE funding to ensure you easily manage your IT, facilities, and related projects. Many TCaF awarded trusts have invested in Civica Education Operations Software to:

  • Achieve a comprehensive asset register across all schools within the trust
  • Streamline asset audits with an innovative app
  • Successfully deploy with our specialised onsite asset implementation service
  • Easily conduct and manage condition surveys for facilities and buildings projects
Upgrade your MAT finance software

Trusts need to have a firm grasp on financial budgets and be confident with the accuracy of forecasting data. We know this isn’t always easy to achieve and can be even harder when you have plans to expand. Civica Financials is a financial management system designed especially for education to grow as you do. Trusts can use their TCaF grant to:

  • Achieve faster, more accurate financial reporting across the trust 
  • Increase accuracy in budget forecasting, so you can make better decisions
  • Automate the ‘purchase to pay’ cycle – from requisitioning to receipting, enabling you to streamline your processes and minimise risk.

Centralise your HR and payroll

You can use TCaF to modernise your HR and payroll system within your trust. Our intuitive solution enables you to streamline all your HR processes and helps you plan your staffing journey from recruitment to onboarding. As you plan to grow, you may need to recruit or restructure your organisation and leadership roles. We can help you:

  • Replace spreadsheets, manual processes, and siloed systems with a powerful Single Central Record (SCR) solution, coherently displaying all records for every staff member
  • Centralise all reports and processes and ultimately eliminate data duplication to improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Save precious time by enabling colleagues to securely access and update their personal records, request leave, view payslips and much more. 
  • Streamline your people processes with automated MIS connectivity

Our consultative team can show you our systems give you advice to proficiently manage your processes and implementation to prepare your trust for additional schools.

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