Brexit: Time to act

3rd December 2020

Supporting you through a successful Brexit transition.

The UK has left the EU, meaning a lot has changed for the way the public sector does business. We understand every organisation’s challenges are different and there is still a lot of uncertainty as we head into 2021. We’re here to help you understand how changes in regulation and processes will impact your business and the services you provide and support you in navigating the unknowns that may arise as we make our way into the new year.

Our rapid discovery approach means we can deliver value quickly – providing you with evidence-based recommendations on the best way to make this transition as smooth as possible for your business. Our workshops take place over five days, and we’ll work closely with key stakeholders across your business to understand and prioritise the areas where you most need support.

rapid discovery approach


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Adapt quickly to changing legislation

We have a proven track record of implementing new legislation quickly and successfully across the public sector. As we move beyond this transition period, the public sector will need to respond quickly to changing legislation – some of which we might be prepared for, and some we won’t. We’ve proven our ability to deliver a range of new capabilities quickly – in particular amid the onset of COVID-19:

  • Software to help revenues and benefits teams support business and Council Tax payers:
    We quickly created two software to protect businesses and vulnerable citizens. To date, our business rates grant fund module has enabled 43 councils to provide over £1.6bn in critical business rates grants.

    Our Council Tax Hardship Fund module enables the reduction of bills by up to a further £150 for working age Council Tax support recipients. Processing the entire caseload in minutes means local authorities are helping those vulnerable people who need it fast.
  • Rapid response to streamline NHS recruitment
    Our Trac e-recruitment software provided a rapid response to get the right candidates into posts quickly, including assistance to NHS recruiters and fast-tracking DBS checks. The software supported a record number of DBS checks processed in a single day (over 1,600).
  • Supporting pavement licensing for cafes, restaurants and bars
    Our cloud-optimised Cx Licensing software supports 91 different license types – including pavement licensing – and can be swiftly implemented to support future legislative changes.
    As cafes and restaurants closed amid the pandemic, our software supported local authorities in providing a new application process for pavement licenses; allowing these businesses to serve food and drinks, maintain social distancing and protect jobs.

Respond to Brexit changes and modernise the way you work:

1. Modernise your applications and get more from your investment in technology.

We provide a range of Application and Platform Health Assessments to help you to understand how the technologies, platforms and applications you use may be impacted at the end of this transition period.

You may need to increase the stability and reliability of an application or bring it into line with changing accessibility standards.

You may need to assess the supporting platform infrastructure for your organisation to provide the right levels of performance and security, or look for migration opportunities that may help you to save money. You may also need to review your service delivery model and agreements to make sure your requirements are being met.

We categorise our assessments by business, technology and user needs - to support you in making a rational business case for digital investment and development:

2. Better decisions, driven by data

Whether you’re facing challenges such as rapid growth in data volumes and sources, limited in-house data and analytics skills, or are unable to scale skills to meet changing demand, our team of experienced data consultants can offer practical guidance and support.

We also offer secure, trusted intelligence tools and a robust data platform allowing you to transform data into actionable insights and keep your business on the right track.

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3. Case management made easy

Whatever the outcome of Brexit negotiations, it’s likely that your business will see a significant rise in demand and expectation. Whether it be handling employee relations queries, processing permits/visas/licenses or processing information requests, we have a solution that fits. Our cloud native case management platform, iCasework, is quick to build and highly configurable, allowing your teams to respond quickly to a need and deliver better services to customers.

Key features:

  • Information capture – centralise your case records in the cloud with software that facilitates capture from all communication channels, including phone, email, web and social media
  • Case management – putting all your cases in one place means it’s easier to manage the caseload and collaborate across your team, define next actions, escalate where appropriate and keep to timelines determined by compliance requirements
  • Communication management – improve the efficiency of case-related correspondence by automating and integrating communication across all channels, embedding accuracy and consistency to improve your case management
  • Management information – improve the quality of the services with statistical analysis of case management data combined with automated reports which provide vital business intelligence.

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4. Services that demand digital

We provide digital services, portals and responsive interfaces that improve user experience, reduce cost to serve and meet government digital standards.

Move service users from face-to-face and telephone engagements to lower-cost digital interactions.

Rely less on time-consuming and manual administrative processes. We support the integration of apps and portals with your core business systems means your processes can run quicker, and more smoothly.

5. Solutions for a changing workplace

Our Digital Workplace Solutions include intranets, collaboration spaces, knowledge bases and secure document management solutions allowing your business to remain compliant and secure in the modern organisation without boundaries. We work closely with you to develop compliant, secure solutions that work for your business and employees.

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