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The Xpress Mobile Canvasser App (MCA), replaces traditional canvassing methods by digitising canvasser data, enabling canvassers to work smarter, capturing and syncing data with the electoral register.

Our cloud based Mobile Canvasser App is used in more than 85 authorities by over 2,500 canvassers across the UK.

Encrypted data is securely uploaded to tablets for the canvassers to carry out the door-knocking stages in which they can easily complete the Canvass Forms process and add, amend and delete electors at a property on the doorstep.

Key benefits:

Election Office – reduce admin

  • Increases return rates, giving a more complete and accurate register.
  • Greatly reduces the number of paper forms to sort, scan and process. All the data is captured on the doorstep saving administration time.
  • Improves visibility with instant updates on how your canvass is going.
  • Set the minimum number of visits your canvassers should make to properties to capture data improving control.
  • Helps reduce your Council’s paper usage.
  • Improves data security as there is no risk of losing completed forms.
  • Significant savings in postage, processing and printing means that initial outlay costs can be quickly recouped.

Canvassers - work smarter

  • Makes planning routes and locating properties easier with Google Maps integration - particularly useful for new canvassers.
  • Saves time previously spent returning to the office to drop off completed forms.
  • Improves data capture as ad-hoc ITRs can be created and completed on the doorstep.
  • Canvassers access real-time canvass data through regularly syncing, ensuring time is not wasted going to properties that have already responded.
  • Regular syncing with the register keeps an up-to-date canvass round on the tablet – so no time is wasted pulling out returns
  • Projects a professional image to the community

Our canvassers have embraced the technology, so much so they would not welcome a return to the ‘old paper’ process. MCA is a cleaner, more interactive system that allows canvassers to liaise with the office remotely and exchange data seamlessly. This has helped create a more efficient office environment.

As our canvassers have become more proficient in using the MCA, they work more quickly and are happy to take on larger areas. Over the years we have reduced the number of canvass staff we employ and, by changing the way we canvass, we will soon have reduced the number of canvassers by approximately 50%.
Rob Curtis, Head of Electoral Services, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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