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6th September 2018

Built on over 30 years’ sector knowledge and experience, Cx Licensing empowers Licensing Teams to reach case outcomes consistently, efficiently and with confidence.

This new solution forms part of our Cx Regulatory Services platform, which enables local authorities to effectively manage multiple regulatory service departments via one single solution. Cx facilitates informed decision-making to enable quick and effective case resolutions, helping you to be more agile in your responses through mobile working, self-service and data-driven insight to provide improved services to citizens and communities.

Top reasons to choose Cx Licensing

  • Supports all licence applications, including Animal Welfare Regulations introduced on the 1st October 2018
  • Enables you to mobilise your workforce to increase efficiency
  • Drives citizen engagement and delivers better services
  • Facilitates informed and consistent decision making
  • Automates routine tasks to save time 
  • Streamlines information management and enhances user experience
  • Secured customer portal option delivers 24/7 services to citizens
  • Accelerates response times and increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces data error to improve accuracy

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