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Your FAQs answered

Changing your payroll provider can seem a little daunting and you probably have lots of questions.

Here are answers to some of the questions that we commonly get asked:

1) How do I provide my payroll data to Civica?

We provide a secure self-service portal for payroll service users to enter new employees, leavers, changes, period variations, sickness and also view employees' payslips and P60s. This also includes an audit trail of users' activities. Simply provide us with your data each period and we will ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time and that RTI data is sent to HMRC.

Enhanced payroll service - A shared approach to payroll that includes all the features of our standard bureau service but with the additional flexibility of in-house access to your own payroll software for data entry and ad hoc reporting. We simply log-on and take care of the actual processing, including RTI and payslip production.

Civica HR integration - To complement our payroll services, we also offer the very latest in integrated HR software to seamlessly manage employee data throughout your organisation. Our secure interface with Civica HR means there is no need to re-enter data into two systems, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors. Where Civica HR Payroll Self-Service is used your employees will also benefit from access to current and historic payslips, P60s and P11Ds. Standard monthly “default” amounts are picked up each period if no amendments are required.

2) How long will it take Civica to turn my payroll around?

At the start of the calendar year we will create a deadline calendar specifically for each customer that takes into account both their pay date and the combination of services that they have purchased. The following timescales are an average:

  • Once payroll data is sent to Civica it will take approximately 4 working days for it to be processed and a set of reports sent to you (depending on the size of your payroll).
  • You then have 3 working days to check the reports provided and advise of any necessary amendments.
  • When confirmation of the payroll is received payslips are produced.
  • 4 days before pay day the BACS file is sent.

3) How flexible are these dates?

The deadline calendar we provide allows for all processes to be done in the most efficient way. However, if amendments are required and these are considered feasible, then it can be adapted. Once the payroll due date has been reached no more additional amendments can be made unless agreed prior to the pay period.

4) What types of payslips are available?

You can choose from the options below:

  • E-Payslips. These are password protected and are sent via email.
  • Hard copies. These are sealed tri-fold paper payslips.
  • Self-Service. These are viewed via a secure web-portal and are available where Civica HR Payroll Self-Service software is installed.
  • If some of your employees would prefer hard copies and other e-payslips then this is possible.

5) How can I be sure my payroll information is safe and secure?

Civica holds all client payroll information in a highly secure environment at a specialist data centre in the UK, where it can only be accessed by our bureau team. This ensures that your information remains safe even if something were to happen to Civica’s offices. Clients are provided with their own SFTP location for the secure transfer of files and information. 

6) What checks are carried out?

The payroll checking process at Civica is a strict one, which involves multiple stages and people. One member of the bureau team completes the payroll changes and produces the reports required. Then another member of the team checks these reports against the original payroll information. Only once these checks have been completed are the reports sent to the customer - for a final checking. The Civica employee who processed the payroll then produces the BACS file but another member of the team processes the BACS file to the BACS provider for payment and checks against the reports. 

7) What about processing RTI?

If your business is already registered with HMRC and is doing RTI submissions, then we can use your HMRC user details in order to send FPS/EPS each period. If not then Civica has its own HMRC user details which customers can be registered to. This allows us access to collect HMRC messages like P6’s, Student Loan notices etc. as well as the monthly submissions.

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