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Tom GatesTom Gates: Extra Special Treats (not)

by L Pichon

I didn’t think I’d ever get a chance to review a Tom Gates book, because they’re so popular in my library that they’re always out on loan. But luckily this book arrived while everyone was away on holiday so I got a sneaky chance to read it!

Tom Gates is a boy with a special talent - for doodling. The words in this book are mixed up with his funny pictures and comments. Somehow things always seem to go wrong for Tom. When his mum nearly catches him gobbling up her chocolate raisins he distracts her with a hug – and accidentally puts a chocolate handprint onto the back of her dress. Oh dear.

Tom is desperate to earn a STAR PUPIL badge at school, but his teacher’s not so sure. “Tom, if you put as much effort into your homework as you have into your doodles, you’d be well on the way to becoming a star pupil.” Poor Tom. Do you think he can do it? There’s only one way to find out.

Submitted by Yvonne MArjot, Library Assistant-in-charge and local author, Tobermory Library, Argyll and Bute Libraries

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