International Women’s Day 2021

#ChooseToChallenge this International Women’s Day. A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change.

Civica continues to challenge gender bias and supports a diverse and inclusive workforce. Sales is a typically male-dominated environment, so we’re proud that 50% of our new sales starters identify as female. We talked to two of our key sales leaders and two new starters to hear why challenging gender stereotypes and supporting equal opportunities is so important.

Laura-Anne Smith, Business Development Director - New starter

Gender balance is essential in the modern workplace. Women, more so than ever, have evolved professionally over the past 20 years, and this brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table that our customers can benefit from.

I’ve felt incredibly empowered in my sales role with Civica and that’s down to the team culture. My male and female colleagues have welcomed me as the new sales person into the team regardless of my gender.

We can all challenge gender bias by striving to be the best version of ourselves at all times, whatever our gender, race or any other form of identification. Our gender or identification category does not define us – our actions do.

Emily Douglin, Managing Director - Chairperson's Award for Sales Leadership (2021)

Balance and diversity, or in other words representation, are essential because the world and markets we reside in are an exciting mix of genders, cultures, ethnic groups and race.

Sales teams that are representative will have an innate ability to truly empathise with our markets’ desires, direction and motivations. The better we understand our customers, the bigger the positive impact we can make.

Bringing together people of various backgrounds, shaped by different life experiences generates a range of new, innovative ideas and approaches. This is essential to helping us solve the evolving challenges faced by our markets.

Civica invests time in removing barriers to entry and progression for all. We’re committed to diversity in our recruitment program. One example is ensuring an interview panel contains a mix of genders which increases the likelihood of women wanting to progress through an interview. Furthermore, there is a tailored investment in each team member that is bespoke to the individual.

Kelly Boland, Business Development Manager – New starter

From day one, Civica stood out as a company which put its people first. Speaking with various senior leaders during the interview process, all of them had the same message as to the company’s values and goals.

Our leadership team are really hands on, approachable and amazingly supportive. My senior leaders and colleagues have gone over and above to help me understand the solutions, the marketplace and our internal systems.

Another huge positive has been Civica’s culture and attitude towards work-life balance and supporting working mothers. I was reassured all the way through the interview process about Civica’s flexible working structure to support its employees. This has also evolved during the Covid-19 pandemic, supporting many parents who are juggling work and home schooling.

Our flexibility helps me be the most productive that I can. I never feel judged if my working patterns differ from others. The communication, openness and supportive nature of all leaders filters down to all levels of employees which creates a really positive and supportive attitude towards flexible working.

Helen Sparke, Business Development Director - Salesperson of the Year (2020)

My managers at Civica have always encouraged me to take ownership of projects and seize new opportunities. There’s a huge cultural difference between Civica and any other working environment I’ve experienced.

We’re a people and results focussed business and I’m encouraged to work a flexible 9-5, which means I’m still able to spend time with my young family. We have a totally collaborative culture and we’re intent on broadening the skillset of our people. That enables our colleagues to continue to grow in tandem with the business.

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