Richard Page, Divisional Sales Director

Civica in three words: Passionate, Capable, Winners

I joined Civica from an acquired business, SFW, in July 2016. I began as a Sales Director before moving on to become Business Development Director for Civica’s Payments solution. Around 18 months later i was promoted to Divisional Sales Director, as part of Lorraine’s team overseeing Pensions, Legal Financials, Education and Libraries.

Civica’s unlike any other organisation.

With most other companies you’re only looking at software or hardware; at Civica there are so many strings to our bow and so many avenues to explore.

With that breadth comes opportunities; I’ve been able to do things I’d never normally do, things that take me out of my comfort zone. I regularly visit the Australian offices and have presented several times at our annual sales conference.

Civica is an expert in integration.

We’ve got a unique culture and our People team go over and above to help new employees integrate as quickly as possible. Induction sessions and First Impressions orientation days are great for getting to grips with the business.

When it comes to acquired companies, it all comes down to communication; we scale-up businesses, we open them up to new markets and that means a wealth of opportunity for our newly acquired teams.

I’m incredibly proud of what Civica has achieved.

I ran SFW alongside two other senior figures. I wasn’t the primary founder but I’d been there since the start and I had significant influence in driving Civica’s acquisition; I always saw it as the next step and a positive move for the business.

Following Civica’s acquisition, my highest priority was making sure SFW’s team in Vadodara was well looked after and I’m incredibly proud of what Civica has achieved. We’ve grown that business from 80 people to over 400; Civica has opened doors for our employees over there, with more markets, more jobs and more diverse work.

Civica give you the tools to achieve.

I’ve fully bought into Civica’s vision and we’ve got everything in our kit bag to be phenomenally successful. I’ve not seen that anywhere else in the sector.

Civica give you a great platform to achieve success. There’s so much talent here and we’re all learning from one another.

One piece of advice to anyone thinking about applying to work at Civica?

If you’re open and adaptive to change you’ll do brilliantly well. We’ve got so many great people to work with, new ideas and constant new business opportunities.

If you come on board with our culture, and there’s no better place to have a fulfilling and rewarding career.