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Currently at a digital tipping point, how can leaders step up to ensure NI realises its digital identity?

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Today, Northern Ireland is at a digital tipping point, technology is evolving at a rapid pace and with that demand for digital is rising.

But with 90% of Northern Ireland citizens believing our public services are suitable for digitisation, now is the time to bring everyone together and embrace the next stage of our digital evolution.

In looking to the future, leaders across the nation joined us to discuss some of the most pertinent areas with the aim of accelerating Northern Ireland's digital journey. 

In our report we examine:

The current Northern Ireland landscape

With the rise and maturity of digital in the region, and an increasingly connected, mobile and impatient digital population, organisations need to evolve to not just satisfy, but exceed these expectations. We outline the importance of prioritising and pressing ahead with change.

Driving collaboration

Throughout our leadership forums, collaboration between local communities, teams, departments and across sectors was highlighted as a vital area to accelerate Northern Ireland’s digital journey. We explore why we need to foster a culture that inspires collaboration.

Improving local outcomes

It is clear that both public and private sector organisations of all shapes and sizes are wrestling the rapidly evolving demands of citizens across Northern Ireland. We discuss how technology can improve the experience and deliver better outcomes for the whole community.

Boosting skills for all

Northern Ireland is a vibrant tech economy with a highly skilled, experienced and adaptable workforce. We outline how Northern Ireland can nurture, upskill and retain the local talent required for our digital evolution.

Fuelling our digital economy

Northern Ireland has a high volume of data stretching across many systems and organisations. But how can the region turn data volume into meaningful data value? We outline how NI can exploit data to sustain its digital future.

Civica Leadership Forum

It’s not about lack of budget, it is about prioritisation of projects and investing scarce resources on the right things

Download our executive summary

Download our report executive summary to learn more about our new report and how Northern Ireland can strengthen its digital identity.


Download Our Executive Summary