Cloud Optimisation

Control public cloud spend and increase governance

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Control public cloud spend and increase governance

With the Civica Cloud Optimisation service, you’ll gain – or regain – control over your cloud spend and environments. You’ll be able to improve governance and control, manage risk and increase the value you get from cloud


Our service combines insightful reporting on your public, private or hybrid cloud environments with expert analysis and consultancy from Civica specialists. We use an industry-leading cloud-based reporting service, receiving real-time data feeds from public cloud providers. It’s quick to set up, with no need to install software on your servers (or add to your IT team’s workload).


Why choose Cloud Optimisation

  • Reduce public cloud spend
  • Improve governance and control of public cloud use
  • Realise business benefits of cloud faster
  • Improved governance: you’ll avoid unbudgeted and uncontrolled opex spend, get rid of underused cloud containers and subscriptions, and reduce unauthorised setup of new instances.
  • Transparent cost control: accurate, meaningful reporting on cloud expenditure will help you align cloud spend to business needs and implement flexible financial management.
  • Reduced risk: with improved governance you’ll be able to enhance the security of your public cloud environments and ensure your cloud strategy is adequately resourced.
  • Increased value: as well as paying only for what you need, you’ll make better use of public cloud to drive innovation and transformation, and realise the business benefits more quickly.

Jon Brainch,

Senior Technical Officer

Buckinghamshire County Council

Like many organisations, we’re increasing the use of cloud technology where possible to deliver cost and time efficiencies, but this has created a new challenge for us in terms of ensuring that the costs associated with the cloud environments we’re running aren’t continually increasing. This new offering from Civica is exactly what we need to help us maintain control and budget holder accountability of our cloud expenditure.

Governance and control: the hallmarks of Buckinghamshire's cloud migration

Civica's Cloud Optimisation service helps Buckinghamshire County Council maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of cloud adoption.

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