Black History Month 2022 - Time for change

5th October 2022

Actions not words

October is Black History Month, an important opportunity to remember and reflect on black experiences throughout history and hear from our people today. Civica’s Maddi Ludlam shares more…

“I’m Maddi, a CX Consultant at Civica and Co-Lead of our Race and Ethnicity Affinity Group. I come from a mixed background that I’m extremely proud of - my Mum’s side of the family are from Guyana and my Dad’s side from Palestine and England. Both my parents were born in England, and they’ve always instilled in me a pride in our mixed British heritage and celebrated both where we are and where we come from.

“Black History Month is all about the celebration and recognition of black British history, but this years’ theme, ‘Time for change: actions not words’ brings a new direction to the weeks ahead. I’m excited to see what we can learn from our colleagues at Civica and what actions we can take collectively to continue building diversity throughout all levels of the organisation. For me, Black History Month presents the opportunity to celebrate and learn about the contributions of black Britons to our past but also how key figures in British history have paved the way for others to follow.

“One story which stands out to me is Mary Seacole, a British nurse who was refused the chance to go to Crimea during the war to offer medical support. Despite this, she funded her own journey and set up ‘The British Hotel’ where she provided a place of rest for sick and recovering soldiers. Her story and her bravery were soon forgotten until 2004, over 100 years following her death, when she was awarded Greatest Black Briton. The uncovering of Mary’s story represents the changes that are being made in our society and the efforts involved in creating a complete picture of Britain’s diverse history."

Maddi Ludlam,

Customer Experience Consultant,


At Civica, I’ve always felt the value that is placed in celebrating and recognising each other’s differences and how the diversity within our organisation is something that helps us to thrive. As someone early on in their career, I’m excited to see how Civica continues to grow and celebrate all individuals within the organisation.