17th May 2018

Police Strategy Forum

Heythrope Park Resort, 26 – 27 June 2018

The Police Strategy Forum brings together the finest thought leaders from across the United Kingdom in a two-day networking event that provides a platform to share ideas, benchmark best practice, discuss allocation of resources to enhance policing methods and look at how to deliver a better service to citizens.

With the combination of budget cuts and forces being noticeably slimmed down and civil unrest increasing, forces are looking at ways of doing more with less. They are rethinking philosophies and tactics, sharing resources across multiple jurisdictions and organisations, using technology as a key enabler and engaging their workforce in a much more strategic way.

Civica Digital Business Development Director Bob McClean will present to delegates on Tuesday 26th June on 'The Face of Policing Has Changed'. In this session, Bob will look at:

  • How the adoption of technology is changing the face of policing both at the front line but also in the back office – exploring themes of efficiency and productivity as well as having the right data at the right time. 
  • What is driving that change – the emergence of technology or other pressures? 
  • The changing ways in which technology is being envisioned and developed to support policing.