10th July 2019

Xpress partners with Swindon Borough Council to deliver first fully digital register to be used in UK elections

Using technology to drive efficiency, Swindon’s Electoral Services team have achieved significant benefits including valuable real time information, reduced staffing requirements and paper use. The digital register has the capacity to revolutionise the voting experience and tackle ever declining voter turnout.

The outcomes

  • Increased turnout, fewest people turned away
  • Easy to use and instant access to information
  • Reduced paper use with 8,000 less paper documents used
  • Reduced staffing requirement, 86% of polling staff felt the election was easier or the same to manage
  • Valuable real-time information, 360 degree vision of election day.
The project successfully achieved its primary aims to facilitate the implementation of the voter ID requirement and ensure the efficient issuing of ballot papers to eligible voters. It also delivered significant additional benefits, from valuable realtime information to reduced staffing requirements and paper use. It is an outstanding example of a partnership between a local authority and a private sector supplier successfully delivering efficiency through technology.
Matt Box, Electoral Services Manager, Swindon Borough Council

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