3rd January 2017

Civica makes paperless office vision a reality for Stockport Council

Local government is changing rapidly. Legal teams must react to the changes, assisted by responsive software solutions. Like all other authorities, Stockport Council is facing severe financial cutbacks, forcing it to rationalise its office space and encourage its staff to work more flexibly, not least within the legal team. For a number of years, Stockport Council has used legal case management software. The original application was configured for financial billing purposes and was not as flexible or useful for the Council to perform other tasks, especially in future proofing its set up. However, Stockport Council had upgraded its case management software some years earlier to the Civica system which allows itself to grow with the legal team as they respond to legal changes. It can also be easily modified to meet the future demands of the department.

Local authorities who are still heavily reliant upon paper files should look at Prescient+. They’ll save space, time and introduce flexible working patterns to their staff.”
Pauline Tarrant, Business Development Officer, Stockport Council

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