3rd February 2020

Professional, slick and delivers maximum efficiency

When Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust merged occupational health teams, it found Civica’s eOPAS software was the perfect fit.

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust was created from a merger of Frimley Park, Wexham Park, and Heatherwood Hospitals. During this merger it was decided to streamline processes and deliver maximum efficiencies in the occupational health arena.

The client wanted a system which was intuitive and allowed employees and prospective employees to interact with the occupational health team 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of where they were and be able to access and complete forms and view reports.

Frimley Park had used Civica’s occupational health software for 17 years but Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust had a contract with a competitor.

The newly merged trust evaluated functionality, levels of service while Civica guided staff through the process of merging historical data and training new users how to use the system.

The Civica team was also challenged on the capabilities of eOPAS with regard to GDPR because the trust’s management was concerned about potential extra workload and the prospect of incurring costs.

The new Frimley Trust wanted a system which could be brought online quickly and effectively and which could be immediately seen to bring efficiencies across all of the organisation and would be enhanced when required at no future cost.

Following extensive internal consultation between staff at Frimley, Wexham, and Heatherwood, it was decided to roll out eOPAS across the whole Trust.

This was achieved easily, providing a slick move to a single system so that the whole Trust could quickly benefit from the efficiencies eOPAS offers. The team set about data transfer and training new users how to use the system.

We showed Frimley’s Occupational Health team how to use eOPAS to effectively manage a full range of OH cases and how the management information produced could be used by the Trust to help shape the service and prove compliance.

Warwick is providing enhancements to eOPAS which will take the potential pain of GDPR away from the Trust.

“I have been impressed with the helpfulness and the professionalism of the team who are always there to assist our users. eOPAS provides a feature rich self-service portal which allows employees and prospective employees to interact with the Occupational Health team on a 24/7 basis.”
Tina Kendall – OH Manager Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

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