5th January 2017

Coventry awards three-year outsource deal to manage its Academy and Northgate systems

When Coventry City Council implemented its Academy Revenues and Benefits system it chose to purchase vital systems and control services from its software provider rather than set up its own in house team.

Partnership approach
When Coventry found that Civica offered the same proven robust service but with improved value for money, it was an obvious contender to take on the work. However, the most significant factor that led to Civica winning this critical three year deal was that Coventry really liked the Civica partnership ethos and willingness to share good practice. Civica’s Business Process Services team provides a fully managed service across all major systems (OPENRevenues, Northgate and Academy) for seven councils including Gloucester, Luton, South Worcestershire and Denbighshire. Civica OnDemand System Support provides the same high quality services that the above partnerships receive to the wider Local Authority market but on a short or long term basis. Civica covers all features of this vital work including projects, upgrades, patches, DBA and all aspects of database administration.

The benefits

  • Provides IT expertise in the support of business-critical systems
  • Guarantees resources are available as needed
  • Offers greater flexibility and lower costs than recruiting new permanent staff
  • Ensures rapid problem-solving thanks to a close partnership
  • Ensures smooth installation of software upgrades
  • Frees up in-house IT staff to focus on strategic projects
  • Lower cost compared to in-house solutions
  • Provides ongoing resilience support resources to clear backlogs and tackle peaks in demand
Why Civica? We needed a supplier with technical expertise in the IT that runs systems dealing with hundreds of millions of pounds
of public money. These are big sums and we can’t afford to put them at risk. We just haven’t got the expertise in-house any more”.
Tim Savill, Head of Revenues and Benefits, Coventry City Council

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