3rd July 2019

Case Study: City of Cincinnati increased revenues by $500,000 through Civica’s Authority Tax

Consolidating three separate applications for processing tax returns into one has reaped many benefits for the City of Cincinnati.

With a view to streamline services to tax payers and collect revenues more efficiently, the City of Cincinnati tax department embarked on a complete transformation involving the migration of 40 years of data while integrating disparate applications under one vendor and maintenance contract.

The City of Cincinnati’s Tax Commissioner, Ted Nussman joined the municipality in 1990 and became Tax Commissioner in 2013. After working for years with three separate software vendors and utilizing the expertize of the City’s IT team to help make these systems work, Mr Nussman realized that these complicated out-of-date systems would not serve the city moving forward. Mr Nussman said, “It made financial sense to combine all three systems under one maintenance contract and I knew it would also be much easier to manage”

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