Authority Finance drives improved visibility and better reporting for Logan County Auditor’s Office.

3rd July 2019

Logan County covers approximately 470 square miles and services a community of just under 46,000, with the city of Bellefontaine as its largest population center and serving as its county seat. But when Reser took over as the County Auditor in Midwest Ohio, he was greeted with an outdated accounting system and technology infrastructure. Some processes essential to the fiscal
management of the County were still using systems based on MS-DOS software and applications

Now that Civica's Authority solutions have been rolled out, Logan County has reaped the benefits, including significantly improved processes with unprecedented levels of automation and digitalization. Reser said the county now uses far less paper, completes tasks that were previously very time-consuming in minutes and gets information out to those who need it in a timelier manner. He can now pull his reports with just a single click of a button.

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