Authority Voice Connect

Integrated Voice Response (IVR) technology tied to your critical applications

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Tame the phone monster, liberate your office.

Authority Voice Connect will free you from countless hours spent on the phone with customers and enable you to complete tasks in a more efficient manner. Imagine the amount of time you could have back if customers could manage and inquire about their accounts and you never have to say a word!

Civica is pleased to offer proven Integrated Voice Response (IVR) technology tied to your critical applications. Use the system to help route callers to the proper personnel in your office. Better yet, use your data to provide customers with answers to common queries, such as, “What is my account balance?” without any staff involvement. You will gain more time to complete tasks, and your customers will have 24/7 independence to inquire and manage their accounts. Everybody wins!

Since Authority Voice Connect is a hosted solution from your software vendor, there is no need to purchase expensive phone hardware or to pay for expensive middleware to get to your data. Using our accumulated knowledge, we can have you up and running very quickly.

Key Benefits

Increase collections and service efficiencies through on-demand customer calling.

Detailed reporting of calls made and received, including outcomes.

No expensive hardware to purchase or maintain.

Handle inbound and outbound phone calls without picking up a phone.

All calls made are logged, along with any responses you may have asked for, and results are delivered to you for further action.

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