Civica Scheduling supports Early Supported Discharge (ESD)

An intelligent scheduling software that enable community care teams delivering outstanding care to its community

Civica Scheduling allows your community service teams to eliminate clinical risks and manage planned and unplanned visits with ease. With it's automated caseloads, managers and clinicians get real-time visibility to ensure smooth and timely after care is provided to patients. Designed to complement your Electronic Patient Record (EPR), Civica Scheduling also enables community services to operate with transparency and safety, providing real-time visibility of your distributed clinical workforce capacity and patient demand in delivering better, safer care in the community.

Civica Scheduling supports community care with:

  • Intelligent auto-scheduling to suit every patient's needs
  • Achieve the national 2hr urgent response times
  • Gain complete visibility and transparency of caseloads
  • Mobile app to view patient details on the go
  • Predictive analytics to help forecast demand up to 12 months ahead
  • Avoid hospital admissions
  • Measure patient & staff activity within your service.


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