Planning for a successful future

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Proven to deliver in difficult times. What’s stopping us now?

Northern Ireland continues to be an innovation hub. Now past the turning point of digital, how do we together build better outcomes for citizens using a digital approach?

of public sector leaders agree that building closer relationships with the private sector will enable better citizen focussed services.

Supporting a need for better digital citizen services this report explores what Northern Ireland can do within five key areas:

1) Fostering better collaboration internally and externally to drive digital change

2) Supporting every one of our citizens to access the services they want and need

3) Preparing our future leaders to secure Northern Ireland’s digital legacy

4) Unlocking new technologies and ways of working to make citizens lives easier

5) Driving efficiencies with data and enable systems to safely share information.

Where do we go next?

It is unanimous. We need public services more than ever. This report looks at how we can unblock barriers and build more accessible public services for everyone.

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