Food Waste Action Week

1st - 7th March 2021

Throwing out food is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Taking into account household and commercial kitchens, the UK produces 9.5 million tonnes of food waste each year.

We’re proud to partner with environmental charity WRAP, supporting the UK’s first ever Food Waste Action Week From 1st-7th March. Cook, TV presenter and author Nadiya Hussain has joined the charity to help share the message and make sure no edible food ends up in the bin.

of global greenhouse gases come from producing our food

slices of bread are thrown away in the UK every day

of poultry goes to waste in the UK every day

Our Saffron and Cashless software reduces food waste across the public sector and beyond – supporting schools, catering providers, hospitals and foodservice organisations to run a tight ship when it comes to binning ingredients and meals. We help our customers:

Accurately monitor and record waste

Saffron measures and records waste, and can report on this in terms of a percentage of revenue or consumption – this helps organisations take the right steps to minimise the amount of food wasted.

Only prepare the food that is needed

Classroom and mobile pre-order reduces waste in schools by making sure kitchen staff can prepare required meals in advance. Saffron Bedside helps hospitals keep on top of waste by reducing lead times, which avoids the production of meals for patients who may have been discharged.

Manage stock more effectively

With so many perishable items involved in maintaining healthy food service, it’s important that organisations keep minimal stock but can easily access a clear snapshot at any time. Saffron’s dynamic stock management pulls in information from sales and production to provide real-time, accurate stock data.

Make decisions based on historical patterns

Seasonal or cyclical menus are easy to monitor using Civica Cashless. With the ability to record meal choices, schools can have a clear picture of which items are popular and when. This makes menu planning much more effective, reducing the risk of overproduction and items ending up in the bin rather than on the plate.

Food Waste Action Week

What about domestic waste?

Every day, an incredible 4.4 million potatoes and 20 million slices of bread are thrown out. In the UK, 6.6 million tonnes of food waste comes from our homes. There are steps we can all take to reduce waste in our households, and WRAP are encouraging us all to take the Food Waste Action Challenge.

To learn more about how you can make a difference, and potentially win prizes, visit

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