Civica change means possibilities

Delivering software and services to improve lives

Our software helps customers deliver true change. The kind that makes a real difference to people’s lives and improves the public services we all use every day.

Now more than ever, public sector organisations are under mounting pressure to respond quickly and deliver more modern digital services for citizens. We’re here to help you do that.

The way we live and work has completely evolved. And it’s not likely to stop. With so much changing around us every day, we’re a safe pair of hands to support our customers in delivering software solutions that address real issues – and fast.

We’ve helped keep communities safe during the onset of a global pandemic. Our software has provided public sector organisations with tools and platforms to support more modern ways of working, and helped public service employees access the information they need to carry out critical work with confidence. We’re proud to deliver real outcomes for the customers we partner with.

So, what will Civica Change mean for you?

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CovidCertNI: Smart software supporting safer travel in Northern Ireland

NI citizens can access and download their Covid Vaccination Certificate at the click of a button.

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Screenshot of CovidCertNI app from which NI citizens can access and download their Covid Vaccination Certificate at the click of a button.