Webcast: Innovation beyond self-service - what's next?

Discover how organisations are using the latest wave of technological advances to move their digital capabilities beyond self-serve.

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Discover how other organisations are using the latest innovations to benefit users and service delivery.

 Across Northern Ireland, digital transformation initiatives in both the public and private sector have rightly focused on moving services online to deliver citizen self-service. But as innovation continues at pace across the fields of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, IoT, mobile working and robotic process automation, what’s next after self-serve?

To fully exploit these technologies for the benefit of citizens, organisations need to recognise that digital transformation is not simply about moving existing services online. The delivery of class leading end-to-end digital services requires strategic leadership to coordinate effectivechange across people, process, technology and information disciplines.

Drawing on key examples from Civica’s digital transformation engagements across a range of clients in both the public and private sector, our expert panel covered;

  • Key drivers for transformation across Northern Ireland 
  • What digital excellence looks like
  • Practical uses of how AI is revolutionising digital experiences
  • How mobile working and IoT is driving innovation 
  • Using data analytics to derive insights and take action
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and ensure successful implementation

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Strengthening Northern Ireland's digital identity

90% of NI citizens believe our public services are suitable for digitisation. Now is the time to work together and strengthen N.Ireland's digital identity.

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