Public sector transformation demands greater focus on leadership and culture

Leading a progressive workforce to empower the digital citizen

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Devolution, mergers between councils, shared services, shifting services online and delivering a digital experience for the’s all drastically altering the world as we know it.

Our report, 'Invigorating the public sector revolution', in partnership with Solace, highlights people, culture and leadership as being not only key barriers but also enablers of this change.

Three imperatives for managing this radical change effectively were identified:

  • Everyone is a leader
  • Constant evolution
  • Light touch rules.
Don’t work in today’s space, work towards the future vision.
Trevor Holden, Chief Executive Officer, Luton Borough Council

Invigorating the public sector revolution

Leading a progressive workforce to empower the digital citizen

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Report contributors

In association with Solace

  • Jo Vigor, Senior Development Advisor, Health Sector
  • Stephen Curtis, Director, Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing
  • Maggie Evans, Senior Partner, Apter Development
  • Kim Ryley, Former Chief Executive Officer, and Chair Solace in Business
  • Susie Kemp, Former Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Surrey County Council
  • Henry Branson, Senior Head of Infrastructure, Eastbourne Borough Council
  • Trevor Holden, Chief Executive Officer, Luton Borough Council
  • Steve Jorden, Executive Director of Strategy and Commissioning, South Hams & West Devon Councils
  • Wayne Story, Chief Executive Officer, Civica
  • John Hood, Chief Technology Officer, Civica
  • Steve Shakespeare, Managing Director, Civica


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