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Sanam Majeed

Implementation Consultant, Education

Sanam specialises in finance software solutions for the education sector. She also has experience in training and integration, but is best known for her problem solving skills.

Why is it important for women to support each other in the workplace?

We must openly support and encourage each other to succeed because we’re all facing the same battle, and that’s for gender equality in the workplace and beyond.

How do you think gender equal workplaces can be achieved?

We can create gender balanced workplaces by encouraging women to attend training courses to close the skills gap, and re-evaluating job specifications to make sure they appeal to everyone. We should also offer flexible working to encourage a better work/life balance for working mothers or female carers, and make sure female mentors and coaches are easily accessible to help women facing professional challenges or important decisions.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced, or bias you’ve fought, to get to the position you’re in now?

I’m very ambitious and career driven, and have not let my gender get in the way of my progression. Being a consultant and a mum to young kids is a challenge, however Civica promotes flexible working and supports me to achieve a work/life balance without letting either slip.

Is there anything you’ve personally done to encourage women to consider a career in technology?

I recommend a career in technology to all my friends and family. It’s the fastest growing industry in the world, so why wouldn’t we want to be a part of it? The more that women start to take roles in the industry, the faster they can work their way upwards to senior roles. I use my achievements like attending Civica’s employee awards and women in tech events, and helping integrate business units, as visual stories across my social platform to inspire more women to pursue a career in technology. Achieving success comes naturally if you’re passionate.

What more can women do to motivate each other in the workplace?

We must become mentors, educators, achievers and promoters through our work. Only through leading by example and becoming advocates for other women, will we be able to change the status quo and create lasting and meaningful change.