Corporate Social Responsibility

The Civica Foundation is our home for all things charity, community, volunteering, and social value. As a business, we’re committed to making a positive difference to the lives of citizens around the world. The Civica Foundation's mission is no different.

Our Days of Difference initiative encourages our colleagues to volunteer up to three days each year to go out into the community and make a difference. Whether that’s planting trees for our Civica Forest, supporting a local food bank, completing a sponsored walk/marathon, giving blood, or boycotting your bed; all of these initiatives (and more) help our colleagues collectively contribute up to 18,000 days of charity goodness each year.

Amy Stimpson

OnDemand Financial Assessments Officer


On Thursday 6th July, I used half a Day of Difference to go on to my local radio station and promote parkrun as well as the process for starting your own parkrun. We discussed the benefits of parkrun and how it’s widely promoted by the NHS in keeping the community fit and healthy.

The Civica Foundation Your Stories
Glenn Carroll

Glenn Carroll from Civica Justice Services (APAC) | Civica

The primary purpose of the trailwalker event is to raise money for Oxfam, with each participant raising a minimum of $500. Read more Glenn Carroll from Civica Justice Services (APAC) | Civica

Danielle Wilson

Danielle Wilson - Housing & Asset Management (UK) | Civica

They ran a Christmas themed vintage afternoon tea party on Friday 2nd December 2022 and raised £3,172 at the event which was split across six local dog and cat rescues. Read more Danielle Wilson - Housing & Asset Management (UK) | Civica