Better, faster & more innovative public services

Our new report discusses how the cloud makes every day better by reducing security and non-compliance risk

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Major cloud providers invest in security and compliance at a scale that few organisations can afford. By doing so, they make world-class security available to many.

Therefore, and this might be counter-intuitive to some, the cloud is the safer and more secure way forward. Our new report - Better, faster & more innovative public services - outlines how the cloud can help you stay secure and better manage your non-compliance risks.

of councils have had their systems breached in the past five years

cyber-attacks on councils in the last five years

the estimated cost of the WannaCry cyber-attack to the NHS

Better, faster & more innovative public services

Download our new report as we explore five key benefits of cloud and show, via recent use cases, how public service organisations are making every day better with cloud.

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