Brexit Statement

December 2020

Under Civica’s governance framework we consistently review risks and uncertainties and as such we monitor and assess market and legislative developments, which include Brexit.

Civica is a UK-headquartered business with operations in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and North America. The vast majority of our customers are in these countries, and the Group is not reliant on labour or product supply from within the EU. As such, the data protection implications of Brexit are also relatively minor. 

Less than 5% of our workforce is made up of EU nationals and we benefit from a highly transferable skills base. Our recruitment strategy is focused on our countries of operation and there is minimal impact on our recruitment or resourcing from new migration rules. We continue to take appropriate action, for example to ensure we identify all those needing to apply for residency before June 2021.

Civica does not rely on a large amount of physical goods, however we have evaluated critical suppliers in order to mitigate any risk to supply continuity or cost. While none of our IT equipment originates in the EU, some enters the UK via the EU. We have assessed and taken action in respect of any supply concerns, including ordering and receiving additional equipment in advance which is sufficient for all currently planned near-term requirements. We continue to monitor in regular dialogue with key suppliers. 

We believe that the data protection implications of Brexit will have little impact on the provision of services to customers. While data can continue to be transferred from the UK to the European Economic Area, we are engaging with the small number of customers who will need to implement standard contractual clauses to support data flows. We continue to review regulatory developments and will implement any supplementary measures as the need arises. 

We remain cautious while the full implications of Brexit are unclear. We are aware that the potential need to implement a significant volume of legislative change could give rise to short-term market capacity issues across the industry but we believe the company is very well placed to support customers. We remain committed and look forward to working with customers to mitigate any risk.