Walsall Council partners with Civica to modernise revenues and benefits service

30th March 2021

Civica’s cloud Digital360 will support agile working and reduce manual tasks by up to 90%

Civica, a global leader in software for public services, has won a new three-year Software as a Service contract with Walsall Council for its Digital360 cloud electronic document management (EDM) software.

Civica’s new generation of digital EDM will help modernise the council’s Revenues and Benefits service. The software will empower the team to provide a faster and more efficient service to citizens, whether working in the office or from home.

Walsall Council is a Metropolitan Borough Local Authority in the West Midlands with around 7,500 employees and a constitution of 20 wards. It supports a growing and culturally diverse population of 280,000, with household numbers growing by 10% over the last decade.

Jeanette Hitchcock, Project Lead for Walsall Council, commented:

We are embracing technology which will result in positive outcomes for both our customers and staff. This will form the basis of our process reviews to ensure we achieve value for money while delivering excellent customer experiences.”

Like all councils, COVID-19 has driven Walsall’s agile and flexible working policies to the top of the agenda. Digital360 provides secure cloud access via any connected device, minimising the impact and cost of delivering the solution out to homeworkers. User experience will be improved with an intuitive and responsive browser-based interface and enhanced functionality.

The project will see Civica migrate Walsall’s existing on-premise Digital360 platform to future-proof modern technology on Microsoft Azure. The move supports the council’s ICT strategy and cloud first approach, lowering the cost of internal infrastructure and ongoing costs.

The software brings together rich document management with powerful automation and workflow, reducing manual tasks by up to 90% to improve the quality and speed of processing. Integration with back end systems ensures citizen information is up-to-date, supporting high-quality service delivery without the need of additional resource.

Chris Owen, Divisional Managing Director for Civica Digital Solutions, commented:

We’re delighted to be working with Walsall as the Council continues embracing technology to improve service delivery to the local community. Digital360, a cloud-enabled low code digital transformation platform, is used by over 120 local authorities and across the breadth of council services to streamline processes and help citizens self serve online.”