Compliancy Services chooses Civica to deliver FCA compliance training

16th November 2020

Compliancy Services Ltd has selected Civica Learning as the platform to deliver its range of compliance training courses to help regulated firms ensure they meet their Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Training and Competence obligations.

Compliancy Services are one of the UK's leading providers of compliance consultancy and regtech services to firms - from SMEs to well-known brands - that are regulated by the FCA or the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Compliancy Services are using Civica Learning (formerly Agylia) to provide their clients with easy access to their suite of eLearning courses, which cover topics across a range of sectors, including Capital Markets, Consumer Credit and Payment Services.

Philip Naughton, Joint CEO at Compliancy Services said, “The adoption of any new technology is a big investment for any organisation. I’m happy to say the launch of our Compliancy.Guru online training solution, powered by Civica Learning, has been very positively received by our clients.”

Philip Naughton,

Joint CEO at Compliancy Services

Since launch, over 4,000 delegates have used Compliancy.Guru to take courses, with over 16,000 certificates being issued. With its ease-of-use and modern design, the feedback from our delegates about the platform has been overwhelmingly positive.

For Compliancy Services’ LMS administrators, Civica Learning provides an intuitive tool for user management, the uploading and targeting of content to groups or individuals, and reporting of learning activities. Civica Learning will enable Compliancy Services to streamline its processes and enhance client service through automatic training certificate renewals and automated reminders - ensuring Compliancy Services’ clients complete their required training and remain compliant.

With Civica Learning, Compliancy Services clients can access on-demand and/or automatically distributed custom reports - enabling them to view progress and evidence of training and compliance across their organisation, for specific groups or individuals.

In addition to the Compliancy.Guru branded portal, with Civica Learning, Compliancy Services can provide their clients with their own individually branded sub-portal, helping to engage learners with a familiar look and feel.