11th October 2017

Civica wins contract to deliver road safety solutions for two UK police forces

Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police forces are partnering with Civica to deploy a unified and integrated system to manage road incidents and help reduce road network availability to travelling criminality

Civica, a market leader in business critical software applications, digital solutions and outsourcing services, has won a new contract to install its vehicle-based solutions software across two police forces, Warwickshire & West Mercia. The contract comprises a total of 62 police vehicles using Civica’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), standard speed enforcement system, and digital video recording capability.

In 2015, the two police forces entered a strategic alliance, in a bid to deliver public services more efficiently and effectively. As part of this process, the two forces needed to update infrastructure and implement common solutions and standards.

In response, Civica developed a bespoke solution to meet the specific needs of the alliance. The integrated ANPR systems will deliver real-time information to support operational response, traffic management, road safety and offence investigation. This will be supported by a standard speed enforcement system to track target vehicles and in vehicle digital recording, which records both external footage and any occupants.

In-vehicle recordings and data captured by this solution is fully compatible with the central network, increasing operational efficiency for command control, helping to boost public safety and, in some cases, shortening investigation time. There is also provision for a SIM card-based solution for control room officers to dial in and view live footage.

The alliance is entering the delivery phase of implementation, with its fleet of BMW 3 & 5 series vehicles currently going through the fit-out stage. The unique modular design of Civica’s bespoke solution will ensure that it is tailored to each vehicle’s role. Civica is working closely with the project team and frontline operational officers to ensure the design is uniform across all makes of vehicle and is easy to use.

Technology changes at an ever-increasing rate and it was important for the alliance to develop and deploy a common future proof standard, which would not only be easy for officers to use, but ultimately deliver the aims and objectives of the alliance.” 
Antony Gilham, ICT Project Manager at West Mercia Police

Deane Greenouff, Managing Director, Community Protection at Civica added: “We are delighted to be working with West Mercia and Warwickshire Police to implement this latest in-car technology to really boost safety and help protect both the police forces and the public, further helping them to integrate the latest digital technology into today’s modern police forces."