Civica wins a major contract with the Singapore Ministry of Education

19th November 2020

Providing its cloud optimised Spydus Library System and Library Management services to over 350 Singapore schools.

Enhanced system functionality supported by Civica’s Library management team will help to drive the Ministry of Education’s ‘Learn for Life’ strategy

SINGAPORE, MELBOURNE, 26 August 2020: Civica, a global leader in software for public and community services, is delighted to announce it has been awarded a contract for up to 5 years to transform school libraries in Singapore in line with the Ministry of Education’s ‘Learn for Life’ vision. The new contract will see the implementation of the latest cloud-optimised Spydus library management solution, library collection services and people services, with professional librarian support for over 350 Singapore schools.

The new contract, comprising a three-year base provision plus two optional years, worth a total of up to SG95.7m over five years, is underpinned by the Spydus cloud software platform for library management and automation. Together with library collection development and people services, Civica will bring a whole new level of expertise and professionalism to support five important key roles of a 21st century library; namely reading, research, collaboration, studying and doing.

The key areas of focus for Civica in the new school libraries contract include the latest Spydus enhancements, an increased number of literacy programmes overseen by professional library teams, and expanded library collection services that will provide insights into library collections and usage trends for better decision making in collection maintenance.

In addition to upgrading and moving Spydus to the Azure cloud to support greater digital innovation, Civica will employ professional librarians to support school-based library staff, and provide enhanced training for existing employees. These changes will ensure that librarians in each school have the best skills to equip students with 21st century competencies.

“We’re delighted that the Ministry of Education has chosen to expand our long partnership”, says Richard Fiddis, Executive Director for Civica Asia. “This contract to develop a future-ready school library is an exciting new chapter in the way we deliver our systems, services, training, and support, for a new generation of Singaporean students.

’Learn for Life’ aims to instil the values, attitudes and skills students need to possess to be successful now and into the future. Singapore has built a strong education system, widely recognized for having produced high levels of achievement among pupils of all abilities. ‘Learn for Life’ reflects the continuum of education and learning as an ongoing journey, and we look forward to being part of this.”