Civica showcases enhanced Spydus software at ALIA National Conference 2022

17th June 2022

Virtual book groups and easy-access archives: Civica showcases enhanced Spydus software at ALIA National Conference 22

  • Reader-inspired updates to leading library management software includes enhanced Event Management, Book Groups feature and improved records as a direct response to customer feedback 
  • Libraries are playing a vital role in bringing communities back together and having them re-engage with public spaces, community engagement and supporting literacy

Virtual book groups and easier to access archives are just some of the new features that library users can look forward to following enhancements to leading library management software Spydus, which is used by more than over 500 libraries across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The Spydus enhancements are drawn from readers’ top 10 most requested features and will help ensure libraries remain on the pulse with evolving needs and expectations of their users while improving user-friendliness.

From Campbelltown City Council to the National Library Board of Singapore*, Spydus is helping libraries to adapt and thrive in the digital age. The Australian made software recently also launched and expanded across Ireland, now used by over 300 Libraries in a national consortium model.

Supported by a strong customer community, with global product development led in Melbourne, Spydus continues to improve connectivity and learning while building strong communities and culture.

Kelly Gibbs,

Product Manager at Civica

As more Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, we see libraries as playing a vital role in bringing communities back together and having them re-engage with public spaces. For this reason, we’re extremely excited to release our Book Groups functionality for management of community and library facilitated clubs.

The Civica team showcased their latest updates at ALIA National 22; Australian Library and Information Association National Conference 2022.

Presenting to librarians and library professionals from across the country, the company has also highlighted articles from The One Thing; a thought leadership series to explore how public libraries around the world can help to stimulate and nurture the innovative ideas to tackle challenges in our post-pandemic world.

Hosted by Brendan Fitzgerald, Director of Library Consultancy 641 DI and Civica, ALIA attendees were given the opportunity to speak with various The One Thing authors about the latest launch and about what their role is in impacting change for libraries across Australia. Some authors and their topics included:

  • Trish Hepworth; Director of Policy and Education at the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) on why our core values and ethics, and flowing from that, kindness in connection need to now be critical elements of our professional development and skills for future success 
  • Jane Cowell; Chief Executive Officer from Yarra Plenty Regional Library on how to be both global and local, and the need to ‘return yourself to the library’ and the ‘library to the community’ 
  • Dr Kirsten Thorpe; Senior Researcher at Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education & Research, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) on Indigenous Leadership, Sovereignty & Libraries in Australia

Kelly Gibbs also presented a lightning talk on how the technology that is used within libraries plays a partnership role in diversity and inclusion outcomes. Topics covered included catering to community languages, web accessibility guidelines, and the importance of data governance.

Iain Finlayson,

Managing Director Library and Education at Civica

We’re delighted to have showcased at ALIA National 22 this year, a welcome face-to-face opportunity to network with some of the major library organisations around Australia. As the leading global provider of smart software for libraries, we’ve seen first-hand the positive impact that these vital public institutions have on people and communities both here in Australia and around the world.