City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council goes live with Cx Licensing Register

9th November 2020

Civica’s new cloud-optimised software will improve communications, digitise services and save costs.

The Cx Licensing Register enables citizens to search and view information relating to new and current licence applications online. Reducing the amount of calls that are being taken by the council and removing the frustration citizens have when they are unable to locate the information online.

It supports the council’s requirement to deliver a public register and allow citizens access to information for all types of licences. Optionally, it can also share supporting licence documents, and there is a feedback option that can automatically update the back office system, reducing administration and response times.

Citizens expect information to be available online and have been frustrated when they cannot search the public register. Bradford receives approx. 2,500 licence registrations a year and needed a solution to meet the needs of its 537,000 citizens. They can now self-serve at any time, improving customer experience and communications.

Richard Bentley, EDM Manager, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council said, “Cx Licensing Register is part of our commitment to improve public communications and our wider digitisation agenda. It will reduce the amount of Freedom of Information requests we receive and provide support 24/7, allowing users to self-serve outside of our office hours.

Using Cx Licensing Register, we’ve been able to provide users with an online platform that they expect from our services. More importantly, we have reduced the unnecessary associated calls and enquiries being received on the phone or via the post including a 15% reduction in FOI requests, saving time and costs. Using cloud software, we’ve also been able to decommission our old Licensing server and save in maintenance costs.”

Emily Douglin, Managing Director, Civica Regulatory Services, said: “We have a strong 20-year relationship with Bradford which made us the ideal partner for delivering the Cx Licensing Register – helping to future proof their public register and provide Bradford with greater flexibility.“

Cx Licensing Register forms part of our Cx Regulatory Services digital platform. Using cloud and mobile technology supports customers to build an agile public protection team and deliver responsive services in the community. This continues strong momentum, with other recent contract awards with Devon County Council, Peterborough City Council, Rugby Borough Council, Durham County Council and Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council.

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