1st June 2018

How councils can make the step to insights driven with connected data

You can now view our latest webinar at a time that suits you and find out how you can use your data to deliver insights and drive better business outcomes.

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To combat the challenges facing the sector, councils have continued to develop initiatives that support early intervention, improve effective targeting of resources and develop new self-service models using data insight and digital tools. If your council is looking to further improve performance and citizen outcomes, having a connected data access model can help your councils to work even smarter with faster access to business critical information.

Watch the webinar to find out how to connect intelligence between your agencies and internal technologies and better leverage more from your existing technology investments. 

During this 45 minute masterclass, Civica's Consultancy Director, Richard Shreeve and Local Government consultant Adam Gibbons will explore the strategies that can help build a robust and future-proofed data model. During the webinar, the panel discussed a range of topical issues including:

  • What an insights driven council looks like
  • How councils are overcoming thier data challenges and connecting valuble data
  • The stage councils are currently at in their data maturity
  • Which citizen services are driving greater needs for insights

This webinar will help you understand how to accelerate your organisation’s journey from data-driven to insights-driven. Watch today and learn how to build a solid data foundation, foster a council-wide approach to data integration, maintain data quality with master data management and integrate data visualisation & analytics.

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Through a range of analytical and insight-based solutions, we help organisations become insight-driven; identifying and managing risk, easing the burden of regulatory compliance, improving customer insight, and increasing overall business performance.

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