The London Borough of Redbridge improves efficiency and allows staff to make better informed decisions using the latest release of Tranman Series 7

Understanding and acting on the wide variety of data that transport departments gather is an ongoing challenge faced by Fleet Managers. The latest release of Tranman Series 7 makes this process more intuitive. Redeveloping the system to have a modern, Windows tile look with coloured KPI indicators available throughout the system, it is a quick and easy process to identify areas requiring attention. By using the modern technology that Release 9 offers, customers can save on operational costs by acting before problems arise, therefore ensuring compliance and increasing efficiency savings.

Upgrading to Tranman release 9 has brought significant improvements and efficiencies to the transport operation. The new tiled KPI’s are easier to read, and give us much more detail than the previous dashboard display. Enabling them to be embedded into screens has made them more effective, allowing all staff to make better informed decisions. I particularly like the fact that records can be automatically highlighted in different colours to alert users of exceptions that need immediate action.”

Eddie Cross, Head of Transport Engineering Services at the London Borough of Redbridge