3rd February 2020

University Hospital Southampton receive Staff Retention and Wellbeing Employer of the Year award

We are delighted to hear that the University Hospital Southampton have won the ‘Staff Retention and Wellbeing Employer of the Year award.’ The award recognises organisations which have demonstrated a clear, significant and sustainable improvement in staff retention rates and the wellbeing of its workforce through innovative and robust processes.

The award-winning health and wellbeing programme was devised and delivered by a close partnership of University Hospital Southampton teams including Staff Wellbeing (Live Well), HR and the wider workforce.

“Having the right health and Wellbeing Team and good Occupational Health software helped as we were able to produce accurate data which include the uptake of services offered,” said Jean Piernicki.

Jean and Denis Vaughan are advocates of having accurate reportable data and use eOPAS occupational health management software to support their processes. They utilise the management reports to evidence and proactively manage the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Julia Smedley, Head of Occupational Health at University Hospital Southampton, commented:

“We are so proud of our staff and of the Live Well programme that we provide to support them. We are delighted by the national recognition that the Our Health Heroes Award brings. Working together is one of our core values, and this is a fantastic example of close team working between occupational health and wellbeing practitioners, human resources specialists and staff across the organisation.”

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