15th December 2016

A revolution in NHS calculation of the cost of treating patients

CostMaster facilitates Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust’s transition to patient level costing Civica delivers a more transparent, user-friendly and future-proofed approach to costing

By 2021, all NHS Trusts will need to have moved from providing annual top down reference costs to bottom up, patient level costing. Royal Berkshire identified CostMaster as their best solution. The new system was implemented on time and in budget, with just 10 days of consultancy assistance required.

“It’s the suite of front-end reports that sets CostMaster apart. And as you tweak the model, you want feedback to see the real-time effect on allocations. The process of validating that what you’re doing is having the intended effect is crucial. CostMaster is transparent.”
Roger Bovell Head of Finance Systems & Costing Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

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