21st November 2018

Helping Mears deliver better care in every community

A more efficient integrated scheduling and operational management solution has enabled Mears to reduce administration time and ensure standardisation of processes across 78 community care branches.

Following Mears acquisition of Care UK Homecare in September 2015, the group wanted to reduce their disparate rostering systems. Within a 3 month evaluation period and with system testing complete, Civica’s Coldharbour Community Care solution was selected for its depth of functionality and established support.

In 2016, Mears commenced ‘Project Synergy’ the national roll out of Civica’s Coldharbour Community Care solutions across 78 branches which would reduce 4 systems to 1 single system for all rostering, billing and invoicing.

A successful solution implementation has helped Mears make efficiencies through; automating processes to speed up billing, reducing staff training on multiple systems, improving visibility of information with easier and accurate reporting from one data source and increasing mobility of care staff through CellTrak mobile call monitoring. Mears is also benefitting from better payroll functionality and has streamlined their payroll process from over 100 variations to just 2, one for England and one for Scotland.


  • Improved operational efficiencies allowing staff to spend more time caring
  • Increased flexibility of care staff with integrated mobile solution
  • Streamlined coordination and delivery of effective care services
  • Single central view of information across all branches
  • Cost savings made through bill and pay on actual care delivery
  • Reduction in paper processing of timesheets.
The roll out of Civica’s Coldharbour solution was a major project for Mears, however without doubt the operational efficiencies and service improvements achieved have proven more than worthwhile. Civica’s partnership approach to development and deploying the application across a diverse set of services was second to none.”

James MacDonald-Fawcett, Service Manager Applications, Implementations and Support, Mears

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