21st June 2019

Cx creates a single view of tenant and property information for Clanmil Housing

Using multiple data sources across teams hindered
front-line staff in delivering responsive tenant services.

Clanmil Housing manages over 5,000 social homes and provides housing services to 10,000 people across Northern Ireland. Without a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, and with multiple data sources being used across the organisation, they struggled to keep on top of their businesscritical data. This impacted the multi-disciplinary teams as they could not access or view accurate information about the tenant or property; hampering the delivery of responsive services.


  • A successful go-live with Cx housing

  • Real-time access to accurate tenant and property information

  • Tenant enquiries can be dealt with more efficiently

  • Integrating Keystone and Cx significantly improves access and visibility of upcoming planned maintenance

  • A communication engine allowing Clanmil to communicate with its customers in their preferred way

  • Great teamwork between Clanmil and Civica. Instrumental to this, was the creation of a go-live plan/checklist to ensure the project stayed on track.

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