Revenues and benefits contact centre supports Enfield residents

3rd March 2020

The partnership significantly reduces call waiting times

Working together, Civica and Enfield identified an opportunity for Civica to use its public sector expertise to maximise enquiry resolution at the first point of contact by handling revenues and benefits related calls.

Through a combination of innovative collection initiatives, including improvements to the telephony service, Enfield increased its Council Tax collection rate in 2019/20 to 98%, boosting income by around £1.2m.


  • 95% of queries resolved at first point of contact by fully trained revenues and benefits agents
  • Continuous improvement as a result of insight into reasons for contact and reduction in failure demand
  • Shorter wait times for citizens
  • Optimised call-handling by advisors trained in skills such as active listening and complaint handling.

From the first day Civica managed our Council Tax and benefit calls there was an immediate improvement in the quality and quantity of calls answered. The Civica team was experienced and knowledgeable, and focused on understanding our requirements before developing its solution to deliver the service.”
Geoff Waterton, Head of Service – Assessment and collection services, London Borough of Enfield

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