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Help your people grow with learning content that boosts engagement and develops positive mindsets and behaviours

Our learning content breathes new life into key topics, making them easy to understand and enjoyable to learn.

You’ll give your people the support they need to prosper in a modern workplace environment – and ensure you attract and retain top talent.

Whether your people are in the office, at home, or wherever work takes them, our off-the-shelf and custom content provides great learning experiences and easy access to knowledge and skills development.

How our learning content can help your people thrive

Provides fresh and modern learning experiences that people want

Curated resources that encourage people to develop in their roles

Enhances engagement across a range of topics, including soft skills

Off-the-shelf eLearning courses

Focused on real-world outcomes and designed to deliver the impact you need. Our off-the-shelf courses cover essential topics and industry-specific skills. Collections include:

Self-care: supports people in taking care of their health and wellbeing. Includes courses on mental health, resilience, mindfulness, digital wellbeing and a healthy working environment.

Equality, diversity and inclusion: helps people create an inclusive workplace culture and appropriate working relationships. This collection features courses on LGBT+ and disability inclusion, menopause, unconscious bias and other relevant topics.

Leadership and management: gives managers and leaders the skills to drive individual and collective performance, showing how to build strong, productive relationships. Includes courses on first-time leaders, people management, and coaching and mentoring.

Podcast-style learning

Audio courses offer a unique opportunity to deeply engage your people with podcast-style learning. Podcasts go beyond entertainment and serve as a medium for knowledge and learning.

The Spotify Culture Next Report 2022 found 63% of 18-24 year olds in the UK have turned to a podcast to learn about a specific issue.

Our audio courses cover topics such as mental health and wellbeing, personal development, communication, diversity, equality and inclusion, and project and change management.

Custom content

Whatever your business challenge or learning topic, our team will work with you to create engaging content that’s tailor-made for your organisation and people.

There are times when your messaging needs to be specifically targeted in a way that only your organisation will understand. We’re creative and have the expertise to create high-quality content that fully engages your target audience with topics such as induction, onboarding, leadership, company culture and much more.

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