Suhanya Sundararajan

Progammes and People Operations Manager, Singapore

Helping develop tomorrow’s leaders

Suhanya Sundararajan, or Su as most people call her, is our Progammes and People Operations Manager in Singapore. She oversees the programmes offered in Ministry of Education school libraries all across Singapore. In her role Su delivers solutions not just to the customers but to Civica’s employees too. Here’s why we love Su and she loves her job.

School libraries play an integral part in any school setting and every student’s life. I believe that our programmes and services that enable every student, irrespective of their background and status, contribute towards nation-building and tomorrow’s leaders. I am so proud that we can provide this unique solution of library system, collections, programmes and people services in Singapore.

My role allows me to play a small part in contributing towards building a sustainable reading culture in schools, and I am happy to be part of this ecosystem where I have a purpose. I am happy can contribute and the role gives me satisfaction. I am grateful for what I am today and thankful for what I can do!

I love the variety and challenge of my job, it’s never boring!

And the best part of my job is the people